2003 Honda PILOT – Front Door Panel Removal/Installation

Special Tools Required

  • Trim pad remover, Snap-on A 177A, or equivalent, commercially available.
  • Using a flat-tip screwdriver wrapped with protecting tape, pry out on the lower element of the cover (A) to release the hooks (B), then take away the cover.
  • Remove the screws.
  • Take away the inside deal with (A) from the door panel.
  • Pull the handle forward and out half-method to release the hook (B).
  • Pull out the top of the handle.
  • Disconnect the ability door lock swap connector (A), then remove the internal deal with (B)
  • Detach the clips and release the hooks (A, B), then take away the change panel (C). Take care to not scratch the door panel. Disconnect the facility window swap connectors (D). On motive force’s side, disconnect the ability mirror swap connector (E).
  • Take away the reflect mount cover.
  • Remove the door panel (A) with as little bending as possible to keep away from creasing or breaking it.
  • Remove the screws (B).
  • Release the clips (C) that maintain the door panel with a commercially accessible trim pad remover (D).
  • Beginning on the rear, pull the door panel upward, then launch the lock knob (E).

Install the door panel in the reverse order of removal, and word these things:

  • Substitute any broken clips.
  • Make certain the connectors are plugged in properly.
  • Push the clips into position securely.
  • Do the ability window control unit reset procedure.
  • Examine the window and energy door lock operations.

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