2017 Whale Watching Season in Full Swing

The 2017 Whale Watching Season in Zamami Village is fully underway!  There are currently approximately twenty whales in the waters around Zamami Village.  The Zamami Village Whale Watching Association takes participants out to sea around the village to encounter these majestic creatures.  With staff stationed throughout the islands’ observation decks, the Whale Watching Association offers pin-point services that provide for a near 100% chance of encountering a whale as long as waters are calm enough for safe watching.  For the 2017 season, the Whale Watching Association has rolled out a spiffy new website.

In addition to actual whale watching tours, visitors can receive an original illustrated whale-calendar poster for free in the Tourist Information Center in Zamami Port.  Visitors to the village are greeted and bid farewell by the “Flower Whale” in the port.