A Letter to Senior Year Emily

Dear Emily, Your final summer in high school has passed by! Do you feel old yet? ???? I hope you enjoyed soaking in the nice weather on trips to the beach with your friends and planning for senior year. How was your summer been? As I sit writing, stressed about not having a job, I hope you finally have found one and have enjoyed the experience. I hope your interviews went well, and you know which schools you want to apply to early!

On that note, how is applying to college going? I sincerely hope most of your college essays are written to prevent a stressful first semester. Assuming your college list has been narrowed down from the 20 currently up on Naviance, good luck with applications!! Remember, everything will work out in the end, and you will end up where you want to be. You will be accepted to college, and your hard-work will pay off.

How are your extra-curricular activities going? What category are you in for speech? Have you been golfing? Are you prepared for the Model UN conference?!?

Have you been spending time with your friends? I hope you have been hanging out with them as your time in high school is coming to a close, and your friends will make experience much more enjoyable. Don’t forget to take time for yourself and invest in others even when it might seem beneficial to focus on yourself alone. True happiness will be found in them, not yourself. Enjoy the spontaneous trips to Legacy grabbing sushi and JP Licks. Enjoy the Dunkin runs and knowing all the backroads on the way to school. Enjoy blasting music with your best friends and making a little too much noise in the hallway. You will not be all together with these girls, so treat every day as if it is your last. Even when the underclassmen may seem annoying, remember you will be back in their role at this time next year as a college freshman.

Overall, enjoy the journey. Don’t fret about little things which may seem momentous right now. You will be fine. You had the same nerves entering junior year and made it through. Appreciate your friends. Accept the stress, and recognize it will pass by. Be confident, avoid senioritis, and have a great year! ????