Activate Your Seed of Greatness Seed of greatness in you

Activate Your Seed of Greatness

It was a very bad year and a farmer had most of his crop destroyed because there was too much rain. As he was walking through his farm assessing his loses, he came across a most unusual soybean plant. He was shocked by its size, so he went and carefully picked off the pods. From these he collected 503 soybeans. He took them and kept them in a safe place as he waited the next planting season.

Soon it was time to plant again, so he took the 503 seeds and planted them in a little plot of land right behind his house. When the harvest season came, he harvested 16 kilos of soybeans. 16 kilos! He did not eat them but repeated the process once again, this time planting them on a 1 acre piece of land. When harvest time came, he harvested 1200 kilos of soybeans and still he did not feed on them but repeated the process one more time this time planting them over all the land he owned.

Harvest season was back again and this time he cashed in on what he harvested giving him close to a cool 1 million shillings, all this from one soy plant. It is important to note that this scripture say that God supplies seed to the sower and bread for food. Many of us make the mistake of either eating the seed or not sowing it at all. When you think about the story, the entire farmer was given was one healthy soybean plant.

The two other things he had were time and land and when he combined the three, the power of the seed took effect. How many of us have seeds within us that we have not sowed yet we keep blaming God for not meeting us at our point of need? Could it be that your prayers were answered a long time ago in the form of a seed yet you have not realized it because you are waiting for bread?

Like a wise man once said, any fool can count the number of seeds in an apple but only God can count the number of apples in a seed! The kind of soil you plant your seed in is also of great importance because it determines the quality of crop you harvest, just like the seed that fell on good ground. The amazing thing about a seed is that the potential will lie dormant for years until the right conditions for it to germinate appear. You would be amazed at the kind of vegetation that would germinate if it were to rain in the desert.

We all have within us seeds for greatness because we are made in the image and likeness of God. Some of us have identified these seeds and with God’s help found the right place to plant them and the results have been amazing. Do not despise the small things that God has put in your life. Ask Him for wisdom to know where to sow them and see the kind of harvest they can bring in.

Compiled by Jacqueline kamau