Adding Insult To Injury: Man Who Shot Himself May Face Criminal Charges

One would think that, after Cedric Jelks accidentally shot himself in the penis, most police and prosecutors would consider the act to be punishment enough.  However, the 38-year-old Jacksonville man is a convicted felon and was not allowed to possess a gun.  He may now be criminally charged on top of his self-inflicted injury.

Jelks reportedly sat on the gun, which was on the seat of his Nissan Altima around 3 am.  A woman said that Jelks burst into her home and ran to her bathroom.  He said that he shot himself in the groin.  She took him to the hospital where he underwent surgery.

Police then informed him that he may be criminally charged for the possession of a handgun.

I can understand the charge but presumably the court will consider the price already paid for this infraction in any sentencing.