Advocare 24 Day Challenge- My Experience

I was introduced to Advocare through the 24 Day Challenge. A friend posted on Facebook that she had gone down a pant size. I have been trying forever to lose weight. I am a 35 year old woman and the weight doesn’t come off as easily as it used to, so I was instantly intrigued. I asked her about it and she said it changed her relationship with food and she felt wonderful. Since High School she has been a fast food addict and I thought,”Well, I don’t eat fast food, I eat great. What could this really do for me?”

However, I was desperate, so I gave it a shot. 

I thought that I had great eating habits, but when I was forced to look at what I was eating, I realized that I don’t eat as well as I thought I did. 

The first step to the 24 Day Challenge is a 10 day cleanse. They provide a book telling you exactly what to take and when to take it. For three days I had to drink this awful fiber drink, but that’s what you do on a cleanse. My friend acted as my coach through this phase and she said, “Just chug it. Think how many gross shots you’ve had in your life, it’s the same thing.” At night on certain days I would take the herbal cleanse tablets.

Then you add in a probiotic. So I was cleansing my body with the fiber drink and the herbal cleanse tablets and then the probiotic was putting the good bacteria in my gut. There are all kinds of studies out there now, showing links between good gut bacteria and good health. It’s worth a Google.

I spent some time in the bathroom, but afterwards it was like I could feel the garbage leaving my system.

I cut out alcohol, bread, white rice, pasta, refined sugar and dairy during this time. This is important, because if you clean out the bad stuff and then put bad stuff back into your body, well that’s a zero sum.

I started with a Spark in the morning and then my fiber drink for breakfast if it was a fiber drink day. On non fiber drink days I ate an apple with natural almond butter. I took the time to read labels. Cane juice is a fancy name for sugar, by the way.

Two hours later I would have a snack. Maybe some egg whites and a piece of fruit. Tuna on slices of cucumber. Edamame “hummus” with veggies. Check back for a more in depth post about good snacks.

I drank water religiously. The 24 Day Challenge has an app that you can download onto your phone that makes keeping track of your water intake easy. It also tells you what you should be taking each day so you don’t forget.

I didn’t stress about calories. My coach told me to eat as cleanly as possible. I could have quinoa which has fiber and protein and is a whole grain that is better for you than a lot of alternatives out there. I still had that mentality that every meal should have a carb or starch.

But then I started thinking about the results I wanted to achieve and what I had been doing up to this point clearly wasn’t working so I might as well go all in, and forget about bread for a while. 

When the cleanse phase was over, it was time for the Max Phase. I just want to say right here- I love MNS. The probiotic, the herbal supplements, the omegas, the vitamins-all of it made me feel amazing and full of energy. I have spent years living hour to hour waiting for a time to take a nap. I have taken naps in the bathroom stall at work many times because I simply had no energy, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Those days are gone!

There are a lot more supplements to take during this phase but the app or the book will tell you exactly what to take and when to take it. It tells you when you should be eating. At this point you add in a protein shake.

I had horrible visions of my mother drinking those Slim fast shakes when I was a kid, but they taste good. I got Vanilla but there are other flavors to choose from. It says to add eight ounces of water, but I thought the consistency was too thick so I mixed it with twelve ounces. This is a personal preference, do what makes you happy. You can also mix it with a little bit of water in a mug and microwave it to make a muffin.

I kept up my good eating habits, although I can’t lie- this is the internet and you aren’t allowed to lie on the internet- I cheated. It was a bad cheat, I had cheeseburgers and wine and then in the morning I had a Belgium Waffle with whipped cream. I felt horribly guilty about it. I called my coach and she said to take it in stride and for the rest of the day to eat well and drink extra water. 

That was good advice for any diet that you are on, but this isn’t a diet- it’s a lifestyle change.

You shouldn’t eat a massive meal for dinner, you should spread out your food over the entire day. So I made better choices for my meals, I eat twice as many vegetables as I used to now. I eat lean protein like egg whites, turkey, tuna, salmon, pork and tofu. If I eat quinoa or quinoa pasta I eat about half a cup.

I was excited to learn that I could add cheese in the max phase. But I wasn’t eating slices of American cheese, I was eating one ounce of really good parmesan or one ounce of organic chèvre from a local farmer. I was eating real, clean food.

Eating this way isn’t expensive if you are smart about it. This was an issue for me when I tried Paleo. I shop at Costco, Aldi, and my regular super market. I try to eat organic when it’s economically feasible and I try to stay away from the dirty dozen (more on that later). I have bags of frozen spinach, edamame, broccoli and peas in my freezer. I wish I could eat fresh all the time, but frozen is better than canned. Actually don’t eat canned vegetables, they are loaded with sodium and nearly all of them have sugar or corn syrup in them. Why does corn need sugar, it’s already sweet.

This is the part you scrolled down the page for. After you read this part I hope you will go back and read the rest. Later I will go more in depth about food and recipes, but this is just the overview.

Okay! I’ll do it. I lost 12 pounds and 13 inches in 24 days. I feel amazing. I have energy and I want to work out. I also take Catalyst which helps me get the most out of my workouts. I am still overweight, but I have set myself up for future success by refining my eating habits and getting my metabolism back on track.

You can too. It’s a choice you have to make. It’s not about being super model thin or fitting into those jeans you kept from high school. It’s about getting healthier and giving your body what it needs to see you happy and healthy into old age. Although, some of us just want to lose weight and get a kick start- well it does that while making you healthier. It’s all about what you put into it.

If you are interested in the 24 Day Challenge, check out my mini site. I am an independent distributor and if you are also looking for a great business opportunity to make extra money you can contact me about that as well. I want to help you be the best you and help you to meet your goals be they weight loss or fitness.

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Check out for before/after photos. I was embarrassed and didn’t take any, but my journey has just begun so they are coming!