B6178 – The Circus Is In Town

I’ve made another pair of the B6178 culottes.

I promise, I didn’t go out looking for this backdrop!

This is old school and no mistake; there are places on Airbnb that would charge you a fortune for the authentic vintage experience of sleeping in a caravan like this.

But back to the culottes. These are in a navy suedette. Honestly, the fabric is not a patch on the linen pair and I think it shows. That’s cool. I’ve learnt that the B6178 is all about the fabric and I already have plans.

I’ve barely been out of my linen pair since the last stitch was knotted. So unbelievably comfy and very adaptable. Today, I paired my new set with my beloved chambray Sew Over It Lola Coat. This coat gets worn as often as weather allows. So easy to wear and lots of fun to sew. Why haven’t I seen more of these on the interwebs?

Finally, thank you to the nearly-300 people who entered the doughnut pattern weight giveaway. The winner is Claire S. Unbelievably, the penultimate person to leave a comment. Which just goes to show, it’s never too late to enter a giveaway – until it’s too late. The giveaway is closed!

Thanks for joining in the fun.