Being a book blogger…

Not sure if I can officially call myself a book blogger. I spent my early Monday morning browsing good reads thinking that I am simply not good enough.

Yes I love books, but I am unable to read at the pace and level as some other people on GoodReads and Instagram. Where do you find the time? I have, recently, found that life gets in the way and because of this my reading has slacked rather a lot and I am a bit sad.

I love reading, love love love reading, just havn’t found the time lately. So now I would like to ask for some tips. How do you make sure you read regularly?

Do you have a set reading time? (Train, lunch, bed)

Do you set yourself challenges?

Do you get

Involved in readerthons?

Have you joined a book club?

I would love to know how to become better at reading, maybe I am reading the wrong books of late and maybe I am still in a slump. Who knows!

So if you have any tips please do share them, as I want to feel good about my reading again. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok for life to get in the way and spend time with those you love, but it’s also good to make time for the things you love. I miss reading, so maybe that’s it, I simply need to make the time to read.

Please do let me know your top tips and I hope to be back with a book review for you next week!

Until next time,