Biscotti Italiani ? O Capolavori?

By the way that title says Italian Cookies? Or Masterpieces? It’s in Italian, and thats about as much Italian as I know. 

I always bake, or make things for Christmas Gifts, concidering that I’m compleatly broke and have way too many people to buy things for. Easy solution is to bake something. This year I decided to make something new, I always do cookies for some people and cupcakes for my friends.

This year, I decided to make Italian cookies, something I’ve never made myself only watched and eaten. For staters, I couldn’t find any recepies to save my life. Nothing. Zip. Online research wasn’t my friend this time. So, I did something crazy, I opened a book. I can’t recall the last time I actually used a recepie book, I either know the recipe by heart or I google it. Simple

But of course, life isn’t always as easy as Googling something. In the end, I called up a family member. I got some real life help. After looking at the recipe for like 200 years, at least thats what it felt like. I finally got around to translating it, since my dads mother speaks Italian only, that’s how the recipe came. Eventually I got it done, and began the cooking process. It was fun, I got my grandmother to join in on the baking since she hadn’t ever made them either.

Overall, it was a fun project, but it was so time consuming. My friends and family loved the cookies, well those that got to try them, they didn’t last for long. And, for once, I actually tried something I made, they came out better than I thought they would. Incredibly I managed not to burn anything for a change.