Black Rose Martial Arts

Every so often here at the X-Ray Spectator we’ll have guest posters.  The following is the first.  It is an interview conducted by our no 1 ace reporter on the street, E.

Interview with M of street punk superstars THE FREEBOOTERS and BLACK ROSE MARTIAL ARTS, part of the WHITECHAPEL ANARCHIST GROUP in London.

1) Firstly could you tell us when Black Rose first started up and give a brief history of the club?

Black Rose is on the go about a year now; we started training in LARC, an anarchist social centre in east london.  We train every saturday, and the odd time during the week. We are a part of the All London Anarchist Revolutionary Movement (ALARM).

The reason, or should I say one of the reasons for starting the club, was a few of us have trained in martial arts, MMA in particular for a number of years, but as you’re probably well aware, MMA clubs and BJJ clubs are extremely expensive.  Alot of us would find we would be able to train maybe for one or two months, and due to money might not be able to train for another few months.

The ethos of the club is to provide a free space to train. We are very clear with new people who start that we will not teach you a martial art, and if that’s what you want, you need to find, for want of a better word a proper club. What we do is share skills; there are a few people who have been training many years who generally lead the class, but if someone wants to show us something they trained during the week, some submission, or sweep or punching combo, everyone does that. It’s all about what the people who are there on the day want to do.

We also now have a kids club, which is based on the same ethos, which train a couple of times a week.