Bryce Harper is going to be NL MVP again

Everybody relax. Bryce Harper is himself again.

Nats fans are beginning to take huge sighs of relief as they watch Bryce Harper play in 2017. After a lackluster 2016 campaign, many were disappointing with Bryce’s post-MVP-year effort. But I just had a feeling that there was no way he’d have two down years in a row.

And so far, I was right.

Bryce is on fire to start 2017. He’s got six home runs and 18 RBI in 14 games. He’s hitting an unbelievable .404 right now, with an on base percentage of .492. To top it all off, his OPS is 1.162

I’m not surprised. Bryce took a lot of heat in 2016, but 2017 is going to be a monster year for the 24 year old. Even during his not so great 2016 season, you could still tell the “once in a generation” type of player that Harper is supposed to be was still there. You saw plenty of flashes of it. The occasional 450-foot bomb, the multi-homer game every once in a while, the impressive at bats. It was all there, just not as consistent.

Harper needed this off-season. His shoulder injury was a huge part of his struggles in 2016, as explained here:

He just needed to make an adjustment. 2016 was the first year that Bryce was pitched to the way he was pitched to. It was different and hard for him to get used to it in the middle of the season, and on top of that he had a hurt shoulder. He needed an off-season to work on it and get healthy to fully fix everything. And now it’s showing.

You’ll be seeing a lot of this in 2017.