Recipie :





Reflection :

1) Describe the sensory properties of the dish.
• Appearance – golden brown, smooth, colourful inside, evenly circular, splotchy golden brown colour

• Taste/flavour – strong taste of basil, tomato paste, ham added extra flavour, cheesy, doughy

• Texture – crunchy, chewy, stringy (cheese), ham added a solid texture, soft due to the dough
• Aroma – tomato paste, smell of flour, basil, strong smell of oil (cheese), smokey
2) Were there any difficulties in the making/preparing/completing the dish?
Only one difficulty was associated when completing this dish. This was when trying to rise our dough as they yeast did not fully activate. However, this did not dent our overall result in any way.

3) If you made this dish again, what changes would you make if any?
If I was to make this dish again, I would strongly suggest adding in more filling as it almost deflated when biting into the dough. I also feel as though more filling would fully enhance the flavour.

4) Rate your dish.
I rate this dish 8.9/10 as I strongly approved of it. I believed the dough was very complimentary to the filling inside. It was a quick recipie that proved a delightful taste !