Chapter 17—One Careless Move and His Head Would Have Been Gone

“One thousand taels, once.”

“One thousand taels, twice.”

Tao Yi looked around his surroundings, before once again loudly stating: “One thousand taels, thri…”

“Two thousand taels.” An unhurried and indifferent voice smashed upon the silence like a rock against the tranquil surface of a lake, creating violent waves.

The audience sucked in a collective mouthful of cold air, looking at the young woman who had just said two thousand taels. This young woman’s features were similar to the first woman’s, and it was obvious to see that they were siblings. However, the indifferent air she carried herself was really too different from the first woman.

The audience began to discuss amongst themselves, guessing that this pair of siblings were very high rank, and further attempted to guess which city that this pair of beautiful siblings came from and what government position they held, to throw away money this freely.

Mo Qingli’s indifferent gaze stared upon the ruffled crowd, almost as if the person who had just produced two thousand taels wasn’t her, but rather a different person.

Mo Qingyu pupils shrunk, her eyes staring at her hands, which had been wounded by Mo Qingli. Turning her head she looked at the indifferent Mo Qingli. Mo Qingyu bit her lip, angrily saying, “Three thousand taels.”

“Four thousand taels.”

Mo Qingyu’s lip had been bitten to the point of drawing blood, although she did not seem to notice. From her forehead droplets of cold sweat dropped down, and, gnashing her feet, she said, “Five thousand taels.”

“Six thousand taels.” Mo Qingli carried herself with the same indifferent attitude as before.

Tao Yi stood on the stage, watching these two sisters clash against each other. From an objective point to be able to get such an expensive price, he should have been extremely happy, but his entire body down to his feet were trembling. What exactly had happened between these two sisters, his small life really was going to end.

The women who had been quarreling over the price before suddenly felt much better at seeing Mo Qingyu’s current expression, finding joy from their resentment. Hmph, we thought you were too harsh, this is what they really call quick to throw away your money,

Mo Qingyu stared at Mo Qingli, her eyes fiery with anger. How come this Mo Qingli today is trying to oppose me so much, I already let you off two times, do you really not fear me? You yourself are so insignificant, but unexpectedly you try to steal my man. Mo Qingyu forgot the fear that she had felt from Mo Qingli earlier in the day, stamping her feet, before finally agonizingly saying: “Ten thousand taels.”

Seeing the people in the surroundings react in shock, Mo Qingyu was very proud of herself. She stared at Mo Qingli, proudly saying, “Sixth Sister, if you can produce more than ten thousand taels, then this Eldest Sister won’t argue with you any more.”

Hmph, I don’t believe that you own that many assets. You dare to steal my man! Hmph…

“The words that Eldest Sister say now, the younger sister won’t dare to argue with Eldest Sister’s words. If Eldest Sister wants to, then Eldest Sister can have it! This younger sister naturally won’t steal her elder sister’s fancy, okay!”

Mo Qingli’s words were very ingenious, letting the surrounding people feel that Mo Qingyu was stealing her younger sister’s male companion.

The surrounding people stared at Mo Qingyu with utter loathing.

Mo Qingyu’s mouth pursed, knowing that she had just been played by Mo Qingli, her mood unhappy. Regardless she walked onto the stage, grabbing Leng Hanling’s elbow roughly off the stage, turning to leave.

Mo Qingli, seeing Mo Qingyu’s angry exit, raised the corners of her mouth slightly until they formed into a faint smile. Softly, she said to Yue Yao behind her, “We will leave too.”

Seeing the two women leave, the audience buzzed with inner thoughts that they kept to themselves. Most of the people thought that it must have been that the elder sister stole the younger sister’s fancy, and that since the younger sister had been dispirited, she had left.

Tao Yi wiped off the beads of sweat on his forehead. These two princesses finally left, his life was no longer in danger. Today was really too dangerous, one careless move and his head would have been gone.

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