Custom & Unique Funeral Flowers

A customer once said to me, “You have such a cool job but doesn’t it make you so sad to have to do funeral flowers?”. Yes. It does make us sad but we also know the importance of the service we provide. Helping a family who just lost a loved one navigate the floral choices to select a style that will reflect their loved one is a big part of what we do. We feel greatly honored to be able to design a living memory to that person and feel blessed to have such a great task entrusted to us.

Flowers have a strong emotional impact on the human experience. For centuries they have been used to convey emotion and play a part in life’s major events. When celebrating a life, flowers are a visual expression of love, sympathy and respect. We are always honored to be trusted with such a pivotal role during a funeral or memorial.

Sympathy flowers or plants are often sent by friends and loved ones to show support and offer condolence. Often, the family selects floral designs for the casket area that reflect their loved one’s favorite color, season or hobby. We believe that funeral flowers should be a reflection of the individual and work to incorporate special items into the floral design whenever requested by the family. A variety of designs below show creative ways to display the interests, passions or life story of one who has passed away.