Darkflame Universe

Hello everyone!

Aronwk here with some very exciting news! I’m sure alot of you know of the numerous projects that were made in order revive LEGO Universe.
Well the wait is no more! Darkflame Universe is here!

Darkflame Universe is an emulator for the popular LEGO MMOG, LEGO Universe, that closed in 2012. We strive to make this emulator as accurate as possible to how the game was during live, meaning we want all the features that the game had then to be working in this.

Because of that scope, we don’t have everything working just yet. You can currently play on the Venture Explorer and Avant Gardens, but no other worlds are available just yet. This means you can still smash Stromlings and other Maelstrom enemies, build quickbuilds, earn loot, complete achievements, socialize or just hang out like when the game was Live!

Alpha will start January 31st,2017. It will be a closed alpha with keys given away on Darkflame Universe’s twitter @darkflameuniv. There is no NDA for this, meaning that players/testers can stream and post as much gameplay as they wish!
During the Alpha phase, only the Venture Explorer and Avant Gardens will be open for testing. This will not include the Spider Queen, Nimbus Station, or properties.

For more information:
check out their website darkflameuniverse.org and their Twitter @darkflameuniv

Join the fight to take back imagination this January on Darkflame Universe!