Day 110

Today I am spending my last day with my home away from home, the family I have spent by far the most time with: Peter, Hanne, and Mike. These people have done so much for me over the past four months and I shall be incredibly sad to leave them.

They come to pick me up in Amagerbro and tell me that we are heading to Tivoli! This is incredibly exciting because I haven’t been there since they have changed everything from Halloween to Christmas. It was like walking into a Winter Wonderland.

We walked into the park and down the seemingly starlit path. Each lamp was adorned with pine wreaths and twinkle lights that were hung between. There were Christmas trees at every turn, each frosted white and strung with beautiful, shining ornaments. As we reached the end of the path we came to the huge castle-like restaurant. The intricate white swirls and flourishes of the facade fit perfectly with the winter theme along with the temporary ice pond that shone like glass. It was truly breathtaking.

The sights weren’t the only thing to bring joy to my senses. The smells were incredible. The warm, grapey scent of hot glögg and the freshly cooked æbleskivers filled the place with a cozy atmosphere that felt like home to me. Æbleskivers, which are essentially a spherical pancake, are danish tradition during the Jule season and in my household, a special breakfast treat.

During our walk through the park and all the small stands selling everything from roasted nuts to small Julemand (Santa Claus) ornaments and figurines, my uncle, Peter, gave me another small piece of history and my heritage to cherish. His father, along with several others of no relation to myself, helped build and maintain Tivoli. Peter remembers coming to help his father at work until he was old enough to get a job there himself. As we walked past all the roller coasters and rides he spoke of how he remembered having to fix certain parts of each one. He was so knowledgeable about the history of the park and it certainly gave me an entirely new perspective of the place.

After our time at Tivoli I went with them back to their place for my last dinner with them. It was so sad to say goodbye to them even if it was accompanied by good food and, of course, coffee. However, as far as days go, it wasn’t a bad one to leave things off on.