Day Two: Last Movie Watched (30 day movie challenge

Soooo……apparently “real life” gets in the way of blogging over the weekends, in general.  Understandable, I would hope, to you when you realize that my time not spent at work is generally dictated by a very strong willed firecracker of a four and a half year old and an almost three year old that really loves his Mama and doesn’t like that I leave for work every day.

So……………………….I don’t have much time for such things Friday night to Monday morning.

I hope you’ll all forgive me.

That being said, I’m going to extend the 30 day challenge into September and only count weekdays.  Otherwise, every Monday, you’ll get three posts and I don’t want to do that to you (or to me, to be honest).  So yeah.  This is Day 2.

Day 2 is “the last movie you watched”.  I’ll admit (and this is horrible): that’s hard for me to remember.  I hear movies all the time (my children have a portable DVD player, so I hear their movies all the time, but I’m not actually watching them or paying attention).  Likewise, there are often movies on in my house while I am doing things like cleaning my kitchen or cooking dinner, so I don’t consider that watching either.  I’m trying to remember the last movie I actively watched and, I think, it was Despicable Me 2 (took the kiddos to see it on the dreadfully wet and horrible July 4th weekend).  I know that’s the last movie I saw in the theaters, so I’ll go with that one.


Oh how I love those minions.  So cute!

My children have watched Despicable Me.  They adore the minions.  My daughter wants one (now, of course, she wants a “purple” (read: evil) one because she thinks they’re funny.  I figured it would at least get them out of the house for a few hours when they had been couped up.

Oh but they loved it.  And I did too.  I’m so glad Robin Williams as the Genie in Aladdin happened and movie studios realized that they could (and should) put in jokes and such for the adults and that they should make kid movies adults want to see too.  (Admit it – many of you “borrowed” a niece, nephew, or other child relative to see movies like Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo.)  It makes it much easier (and, honestly, more likely that I would) to take the children to a movie if I know I’m going to enjoy it too and not be wanted to rip my hair out from sheer boredom (I will NOT force myself to be held captive be a Thomas the Train feature length.  I won’t do it!).

So yeah, it’s possible there’s been one since then (I know I’ve watched, after munchkins’ bedtime, Jaws, The Hunger Games, and The Avengers this summer, but I think they were all earlier that this), but I’m pretty sure the last movie I watched might as well have been called The Minions.  Because that’s why people went to see it.

(Looking forward:  Day 3 is favorite action / adventure movie.  I’m guessing pretty much all of MCU fits that category so we’ll have to see what I pick!)