Days and Colors

Party, Birthday Party.

Got party favors, mostly candy cheep nick khacks,

plastic things.

Jessy was there and the cake had balloons;

Red Blue Yellow.

Decorating knapsacks; mine is motley


Presents, Birthday Presents.

Awesome was my first thought it was a scoter

 two skateboard like supports.

I don’t remember when the breaks were broken.

But that didn’t stop


 riding to the top of the hill.

The houses stretched out

like a crowd of spectators watching me


The wind

whips by

speed adrenalin

the thrill.

My knuckles are white my eyes grow big I can not stop


The slide across asphalt my skin stays in payment for the ride.

The curb stops me

the world is spinning.

Stumble in to the grass my elbow is bleeding


The water is cool warm and kind


Bruises are