Dinner at Chandler’s Crab House

Came here for restaurant week when the sun was still up and the weather was warm enough for outdoor seating!

Grilled octopus – really inventive combination with pickled carrot and gochujang. The octopus was perfectly charred and still tender.

The amuse bouche served that day was a Dungeness crab cocktail

Butter slabs with himalayan sea salt to go with the rolls; I’ve since started serving my butter sprinkled with hibiscus sea salt after seeing it everywhere here.

A lovely crab bisque with lashings of sherry and whiskey.

The pan seared trout had a distinctly Asian flavor about it, as if it were fried in a wok. Or using shallot oil. It was so fragrant and nostalgia-inducing. It’s probably all the aromatics they fried it with.

Ginormous 8oz crab cake, perfectly golden. The portion might be kind of small (no carbs etc.) so it might be good to order a side. This is always a show stopper.

The key lime pie here is done with a oreo crust which was really quite nice and not at all weird. A good compromise for fruity dessert people and chocolatey dessert people. Also it didn’t taste of cream cheese at all which was a plus for me.

The pictures here look so much better than the post I did with indoors seating. I’m so happy the long summer days are back! We always explore far more restaurants in the summer than in the winter (where we eat crappy fast food if I’m too lazy to cook) just because of the good lighting.