Doing it wrong #MicroblogMondays

Ever have one of those days when you second-guess every parenting decision you’ve ever made?

  • On potty-training (or lack thereof): the medication that was supposed to make pooping easier only contributes to a) my daughter’s tendency to hold it in–which is proving to be a near-impossible feat of both physical strength and iron will at this point, given the consistency–and b) the raw and bleeding diaper rash that got her sent home from preschool.
  • On extended breastfeeding: the highly anticipated dreaded dropping of the nap time feed turns out to go much more smoothly than expected. Could I have done this months ago?
  • On sleeping through the night: Ha! My nearly-three-year-old continues to wake with the frequency of a newborn, prompting mommy to climb into bed with her out of desperation/exhaustion, thus continuing the vicious cycle.
  • On attempting number 2?: too many thoughts on this. I. just. can’t.

Could be worse, I guess.

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