Draymond Green Throws Down on 7’0 Mozgov

Last night, the Golden State Warriors’ small forward Draymond Green single-handedly attempted to pull his team out of a rapidly sinking downward spiral.

Late in the third quarter, and down by 16 points, Green caught major air and shoved a dunk right over the head of 7-foot-tall Cavaliers’ center Timofey Mozgov. Mozgov has a good three inches and a lot of muscle on Green, and he is known for greatly increasing the level of rim protection for the Cavs since they acquired him from the Nuggets. But he stood no chance of stopping this dunk once Green elevated and went chest to chest with him.

Green’s powerful play was outstanding, but his efforts (16 total points and eight rebounds to go along with his smash dunk) were diminished by the Warriors’ ultimate double-digit loss. They just couldn’t make a comeback, and crashed with a score of 99-110.

(Photo Courtesy 247sports.com)