Dutch Braid Pigtails

SO IT BEGINS…with a style that’s decently complimented by my egregious roots.

Dutch Braid Pigtail…things. Not really sure what to call them, but that’s elementally what they are. And since my take on them might be slightly different from the standard – hey, here’s a tutorial. Douzo goran kudasai~

1. Part your hair down the center. (Since I look ridiculous with a center part, I only parted from the crown back. If your side-bangs are tamer than mine currently are, you can also leave them out of the braids.)2. Take 3 strands from the front and begin a Dutch braid (an inside-out French braid; 1 goes under the middle strand (2) then 3 goes under the middle etc.).3. Add hair to the outermost strand ONLY (like you would for a braided crown). This keeps the braid situated along the outside of your head toward your ear.4. Keep braiding. You want to incorporate all your hair by the time you reach the base of your skull. (Since I have thick af hair, I add ~1.5 in. pieces each time.)5. Once you’ve incorporated all your hair, braid normally until you reach the ends. (Alternatively, tying the braids off at the base of the head and leaving the pigtails unbraided is a super cute option too.)6. Repeat on the other side.

And you’re done!

Slightly feminine, slightly edgy, it’s hard to categorize this look – which is to say you can really do what you want with it (fuck labels amirite). Pair it with dark eyes, ripped denim or leather, you’ve got femme-punk. Or there’s always the cutesier route, for which I advocate pastels, a patterned skirt, thigh-highs, and a blouse (since there’s something inextricably schoolgirl about pigtails imo).

Personally this hairstyle reminds me of a video game protagonist or something – but that’s probably because I’ve been in Japan for too long.

Apparently it’s “high fashion” and shit now too, at least according to Kim K’s insta (which I do not follow but hey). In any case, thought these were some cool takes on the style: