Farewell, George! 

Image: Mirror.co.uk
My alarm clock woke me with “Wham! George Michael is dead!” – well, I did ask him to Wake Me Up Before He Go-Goes.

It was his Last Christmas and now he won’t get Older. Sorry. Shouldn’t have said that so softly – it was a Careless Whisper and I’ll take the Freedom to say a little more. With a bit of Faith and Patience you’ll find that like George, we’re all just Praying For Time.

Looking at the last pics of him, no Father Figure was more ready to Move On to The Edge Of Heaven for a bit of Fastlove.

I Knew You Were Waiting for these dreadful puns and it’s not The Strangest Thing that I tried to come at this tribute from A Different Corner but I am ready to give it One More Try, ok?

Will you Listen Without Prejudice?

Amazing. Let’s go Outside because I am Waiting For That Day to Heal The Pain.

George, just know that You Have Been Loved and it will take all the Songs From The Last Century to get over your death. Your music was Flawless, Round Here, despite the media in earlier days making you out to be a Freeek!

Rest In Peace, George Michael. The only way I know how to honour you and your incredible talent is through humour. Your songs were the themes of my youth – of so many people’s youth – and a little bit of us died with you yesterday.

Go in peace.

25 June 1963 – 25 December 2016.

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