Fingered It! Redmi Note 3 Glass Back Case Review

there is many names for this kind of cover, some like “Luxury Aluminum Bumper Tempered Glass Back Cover Case” or almost similar. i brought this from an Ebay seller in Malaysia for USD8.75 inclusive of delivery. the one i got is black rim with black back cover.

while the speaker grill looks small, it not really small and it does not impede the loudness of the sound.

+ gives good protection to the phone in case of fall or drop.
+ very nice looking back cover although it feels like plastic.
+ there is a very nice grip feeling to it. not as slippery as the Redmi Note 3 without case.
+ the back cover, supposedly claim 9H, is quite durable.
+ did not have any signal loss on mobile network or wifi. at least no noticable difference.

– my main disappointment is the Micro USB opening, if you have those Micro USB cable with a thick head, i can assure you, this will NOT fit. the opening is just 10mm x 5mm. i tried a few and all the Micro USB head is just a tad bigger than that.
– a little bulky, it bump the whole thing to 11mm.
– 1-2mm gap between back cover and phone, which resulted in the fingerprint sensor is somewhat recessed inside. now i am not sure if this is really a bad thing.
– back cover is fingerprint magnet. the price for a shiny shiny smooth back.

maybe mine is a defective redmi note 3 case that didn’t really follow some specification. if it were tad thinner & the USB opening is bigger, i think this would have been a killer case. regardless how, the back cover is really beautiful.
included is a picture from a ebay seller on installation and removal.

update: 07.06.2016
the back panel was advertised to have a hardness of 9H, so far it seems to be able to resist any scratches due to daily use. though i have not tried to use a keys to try to scratch it. there was a hairline crack about 3mm long that is really hard to notice. not sure when or how it happen.