From Misery to Majesty: The 100 Graduates to Greatness

The CW’s post-apocalyptic sci – fi, survival teen drama (and other buzzwords) started out with soapy contrivances and immature acting, with its plots tangled up in one another. While the first season is a teen melodrama wrapped in spooky wilderness, the second is a misery-filled exercise in cry-faces, the third has finally graduated to a well-adjusted, thrilling and thoroughly fabulous show!

(I get to bring up Bellarke in this review, so I’m a happy nerd.)

In the first season they enticed reviewed with teen! rebellion! and regular old heroes and villains, angst and remarkably mundane concerns for 100 teens abandoned on a resurrected Earth, without doing anything besides spinning their wheels. They teased a courtship between the angstiest rebel of them all, Bellamy, with the most heroic flower Clarke – and I dreaded Bellarke! I’ll have you know, I dreaded them sending their show to hell with her another contrived romance but the show eventually outgrew its cheapness and pioneered a platonic although intimate, dedicated relationship between two equally hot people.
Bellamy’s hotter for the record.

From there they dispensed with the frippery and expanded the show’s perspective, considering the Grounders politics and while they got stuck in all their grime and misery too many times, they brought the show to a bloody impressive point, with suspense wrapping around exquisite cinematography and intricate dynamics in an ever-changing environment.

Yeezus West. I’m fucking pretentious.