Games gods play

Hera the queen of the gods grimaced, a scowl angry and brimming with resent. A tired sigh escaped the queen’s lips and they struggled in to a tight lipped smile. She brought her cream white fist down upon Aphrodite’s chamber door. The sound fled down the vast core doors of Olympus as the door swung open to reveal the goddess of love. Aphrodite, an image of ravaging beauty. Golden locks cascaded curling down slender shoulders and her eyes, like no eyes you have ever seen; Deeper than the seas of Poseidon and a color that can not be described but to say that it awakens feelings that burn uncontrolled in the hearts of men. And in to these eyes Hera looked, without a splinter of emotion she spoke.

“I have a favor to ask of your son, Cupid.” A small sickly sweet smile glided across Aphrodite’s face and she purred.

“What would this favor be my queen?” Hera grinned curtly.

“To make the Daughter of king AEtes princess Medea fall in love with Jason of the Argonauts.” Aphrodite tilted her head golden locks spilling down her back which she turned to Hera.

“As you wish my queen.” Hera watched her slender fingers slip away as the goddess closed her chamber door. Hera’s grin disappeared her proud brow hardening and creasing.

“How I hate that woman.” In her chambers Aphrodite silently went through a great chest light reflecting off the sparkling riches within danced merrily on her flawless skin.

“Cupid.”She called out gently. The quiet pater of little feat responded then stopped replaced by the quiet swish of wings. Aphrodite reached in to the chest and drew out a ball of shining white gold and sky blue enamel the swish of wings missed a beat.

“Is that for me mom?”

“Yes it is.” Little fingers reached for the ball but were gently pushed away.“There is something you must do for me first.”There was a quiet thud as Cupid sat on the floor, little arms crossed below his protruding lower lip.“Go to the land of Colchis and make the princess Medea love Jason of the Argonauts” There was a little huff then a swoosh of air tossed up Aphrodite’s golden locks. A scarlet arrow griped in his tiny fist and his bow slung over his shoulder Cupid alighted on a balcony. He leaned forward and fell out in to space the wind singing in his ears. Wings tightly tucked he plummeted to earth breaking through clouds. Spotting Colchis Cupid let his pearly white wings unfurl they flapped slowly bringing him to the court of king AEtes Jason had already arrived and he spied Media in the crowd. Nocking the scarlet arrow in to his bow Cupid gazed down the shaft at Media. With ought a second of hesitation he let go of the arrow and it buried its self deep in Media’s heart. Her face flushed then grew pail she let out a tiny panicked sound then fled to her chambers.