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BEIJING,griffeys shoes, Aug. 5 (Xinhua) Chosun Ilbo news, the afternoon of June 30 in Suwon District Court, No. 410 appeals the trial court,jordan high heels, the court system of North Korea on suspicion of promoting the defendant was indicted Hwang sentenced to one year. Half year prison sentence had been passed,classic reebok, fewer sentences of six months. After the judge announced the outcome of the trial,griffey sneakers, Huang suddenly open arms to the Prosecutor and observing the chants of “the great General Kim Jong Il, long live!”

Hwang from working in a construction company in August 2007 to November last year, a portal operators in a “virtual national defense command” community,air griffey max 1, more than 380 articles published article praised the North Korean regime and six video they have been indicted.

reported that the sentence was to explain the reasons for the court,reebok Zig Tech, said: “Hwang actually produced and distributed leaflets benefit the enemy, but he did not make a threat to South Koreas security and stability in direct action, so the emphasis on the first trial of the sentence.”

However, more than a month after the August 4, Youyi South Korea Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency violated the “National Security Law” in the name of,jordan boots, once again the case of Huang Mouli. Because some observers were present at the court staff to “play South Korea Hwang legal order,women griffeys,” Report of the Hwang grounds.

reported, Hwang told police investigation, said: “shouting Long live General Kim Jong Il is ready from the first instance when the action started, I would like to express in court leader (Kim) will be with South Korea won the war in the faith. “South Korean police authorities concerned,dunk shoes, said:” According to the survey, Hwang from the beginning when the university alone to learn the main idea,nike heels, the DPRK had a vision of the survey looked at the Korean army to Hwang The parade video, he said with tears miss generals, is a fully-fledged pro-North Korea (DPRK) to send. “

Hwang was made in the court action was announced to the network community. Hwang known as the “commander” of the online community members have posted,griffeys shoes, said: “There is no reason to be punished,king griffey shoes, so the court sentence,” “He was a good person,nike free 5.0, brave and full of faith,nike air griffey max one,” “want to face prison health later,new griffeys, do great things in the motherland, “and so on.

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