grilled chicken and walnut pesto over pasta

Summer is more than half over but the basil in is full swing.  The plant on our back deck is huge and if it’s going to produce until late fall most of the existing leaves need to be harvested now.  So, what to do with gobs of basil…?

L and I didn’t have a chance to stop at the store to get pine nuts, the typical nut used in pesto, but we did have walnuts in the pantry.  L offered to drive his car to the store.He can barely touch the floor but he pushes himself around like a wild man; blasting tunes from the dashboard, smiling and banging into walls.  He’s only 3 months old so I didn’t let him make the trip to the grocer; and, quite frankly I prefer walnuts in my pesto.

We have the handy-dandy Magic Bullet that chops, dices, mixes and grinds anything you can think of, including pesto ingredients.  If you don’t have a Magic Bullet a standard food processor or blender will suffice.  I blended the pesto and set it in the fridge while making the chicken and pasta.

Simple ingredients on the chicken; garlic, pepper, oil, salt and squeezed lemon, I didn’t want it to overpower the pesto.

L made his way into the kitchen to check out what was going on.He took a seat in his bumbo chair.  S the dog waited patiently for him to spit something up; he loves to eat spit-up.I used whole grain penne pasta.

L and I only had 45 minutes to get dinner on the table before J got home.  We did it, and the grilled chicken and walnut pesto over pasta tasted great.

grilled chicken and walnut pesto over pasta – serves 4, prep 20 minutes, cook 20-25 minutes