Grown Woman Nervous To Order ‘Sex on the Beach’ During Family Dinner

Written by Rani Shah
July 7th, 2017

LAS VEGAS, NV – The waiter had finished naming off the Chef’s Specials and asked the table if they needed a few minutes before beginning their drink order.

The group collectively nodded their heads ‘yes’ and began browsing the menu. It was a family vacation and the Chopra family was enjoying their first evening in Las Vegas.

As the family began discussing which drinks they’d order, 33-year-old Soni Chopra felt the craving for something peachy and citrusy. Scanning the menu, she noticed a cocktail with vodka (her favorite) and peach schnapps.

Satisfied with her choice, Soni flagged down the waiter to put in the their drink order.

“I’ll get a rum & coke,” requested Mr. Dharmesh Chopra, Soni’s father, “It’s Vegas, why not?”

Soni’s family put in their order one-by-one until it was finally her turn. Flipping back to the page where the cocktails were listed, she tracked down the drink she had her eye on.

“I’ll have the…”

Soni’s heart starts beating faster as she realizes the mistake she’s just made.

“I’ll have the….uh….ummmm…erm”

She begins to rapidly look through the other drink options but somehow can’t stop stuttering.

“Get a cocktail beta, it’s ok,” said Mr. Chopra, “What did you want? Go ahead.”

Starting to feel the creeping heat in her cheeks, Soni meekly turns her head towards the waiter and mumbles,

“I’ll have the ‘on the beach’.”

The waiter, looking puzzled, “Sorry, what was that ma’am?”

Soni again mumbles, “I’ll have the ‘beach’ drink. This one.”

She holds her menu up to the waiter and points, trying not to make eye contact.

“Ohhh the ‘Sex on the Beach’. Great choice, anything else for you all today?” smiles the waiter.

“I almost forgot, it’s Dharmesh’s birthday!” said Mrs. Chopra, Soni’s 81-year-old dadima, “A round of Slippery Nipples for the table, please.”

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