Guest Post: A first-timer’s trip to Cuba!

Thanks to Seasoned Review for the space to share a recent weekend trip to Cuba!  

Quick note on first impressions of the country itself before getting to the good stuff – the food!  Unlike any place I’ve been before, Cuba has a fascinating history, especially with the perspective of visiting as an American Citizen.  There are sights that seem to stand still in time, like the automobiles and architecture, maintained from 50 years ago.  There’s a constant beautiful sea breeze that kept the hot temperatures feeling comfortable.  But, it’s the people that were the real gem of the country.  With very little English spoken (and our limited Spanish), we were still able to communicate with natives through big smiles and we felt very safe and cared for throughout our stay.  This picture sums up the bright personalities and beautiful sights of Cuba!

Onto the cuisine de Cuba!  We were limited on time so I’ll highlight the few meals we had.  After landing in the morning, we were ready for lunch around 11AM, but had to wait for lunch service until noon, which was the norm.  My trip research led us to Van Van, which was the top-rated by stars, but not the most popular by number of reviews, place on Trip Advisor. Here’s both the food, and drink menu, which in format alone were unique and suited the atmosphere!  The prices on the menu are in CUC, the Cuban Convertible Peso, the most popular currency for visitors, but not the native currency – more on that later…