Guest post II ; Welcome Bhavya Ranpara :)

My last post was all about how college is so different from the movie-fed images of it and how it is proving to be such an adventure of sugar and spice for me. Nevertheless, I chanced upon people who turned out be super cool and they also have the super power of tolerance to bear with me. ???? Bhavya was one such guy who, believe it or not, shares the same ideologies about the world, college life, and people like I do and we both know we are destined for greatness (no doubt in that of course) ????

(You guys are gonna see more posts by him in the near future as well (yay!))


Since, this blog of my wonderful friend revolves around the topic of college life, I’d love to add my inputs and observations regarding the same. Not only college, just as we enter any new place, we would want to find something which is totally unavoidable, indestructible. This thing can be considered as one of the seven most vital necessities to live on this planet. Without this ‘element’ you can say, the survival of human race is not really possible. -Shelter-. Everyone searches for it. Some search it in their books, some in their friends, and for some, unfortunately, this shelter comes by portraying themselves to be so called ‘cool’ on the place they dwell in. But what really is this shelter of ours? Procrastination? Can this shelter be one of the primary reasons for people to rule this planet? Well, there have been n number of people across the globe who have proved themselves ‘warrior’ enough to capture our world but maybe this intriguing question of ours doesn’t really have any answer to it.
This shelter or something I’d like to define it as ‘self-enlightenment’ dwells in nothing but our own ideas and perceptions about the world which ultimately manifests itself into things and beings. There is nothing more powerful on this planet than an idea born out of a necessity. It is not power that corrupts. It is the idea and its visual manifestation which does. It is not the good that prevails…it is the idea of it in some of the most revolutionary people which this world has bore. Hence, this is the reason why the world is a balanced place. People having the idea of good will create it whereas bad will create evil. The only law which guards this planet is the law of attraction as mentioned in the secret which is indeed mentored by our beliefs and ideologies.
At the end I’d like to conclude that if you find yourself out of track and different from the place you dwell in..don’t really worry! Instead you should in fact congratulate yourself on the matter of fact that that you’re true to yourself…the authentic version of yourself! You are creating your own set of beliefs and creating a shelter of your own ideas. If you’re feeling left out, just imagine yourself living in an over-crowded place where people have similar type of ideologies. You’ll not only start feeling good about yourself but you’ll also have the ‘idea’ that no! I have created my own personal space in this world of ours and that is the change, the revolution that counts!