‘Hamster Of Doom’ 5.8% Ridgeway Brewery

A cool label on this bottle made me pick it from my beer box ahead of any other and I was also intrigued by it being a Brown Ale, currently en vogue in the London craft beer scene. The back label uses the word ‘neoteric’ to describe the beer which if you don’t know ( I looked it up) means modern and trendy.

The beer has a slight caramel malt aroma and pours a lovely clear nut brown with a fairly large head at first. The beer is moderately carbonated but certainly its not ‘fizzy’ though the body is medium so it suits the lower level carbonation well.

The beer tastes of caramel and nutty malts, there wasn’t a lot of chocolate or coffee but there is a medium level taste of hop bitterness which certainly shines through the malts, and I take it this is the ‘bite’ the label refers to.

It’s a very easy beer to drink though it does retain its flavour for the entire glass. When I was in my teens Newcastle Brown Ale was very popular and though I haven’t had one for years this beer did take me back a couple or three decades. This though is a far more flavoursome beer than Newcastle Brown and I would certainly recommend it. Brown Beers are cropping up everywhere at the moment and the style has a huge variation of possibilities, I would certainly recommend you try this as an example of a moderate easy drinking Brown Ale.

7/10 By Andy