Happy New Year!

It’s now 2016. I’ll say it again, it’s now 2016. Feels a little crazy. What happened to 2015? Noted yesterday during our incredibly divided new years dinner (which except for eating also consisted of more than a few goes at feeding our baby, actual feedings, cries, nappy changes and attempts to put baby to sleep) that 2015 really has been a baby year. Spent the first nine months pregnant and thereafter went into “the baby bubble”. Not bad.

Being on maternity leave I’ve set myself a few missions this year:

  • I want to return to my blog. I’ve missed it.
  • Exploring healthy options (how original right?), it’s starting off well with a half eaten box of chocolate in bed…
  • Trying out more in the kitchen, if time is on my side.
  • I’m really going to work on being less worried about anything and everything.

I’m also going to try to find myself an inspiring and exciting job but that’s a different story…