He Said, She Said – Recaps For 6/18/2017

I hope everyone enjoyed their Fathers Day.  Hopefully there were many a cook-out and a few beers and maybe you sat around and took in a ballgame.  This year was a little hollow for me as I spent the day thinking of those fathers that are no longer with us.  I also spent it thinking how MLB really needs to stop with the White with light Blue vs Light Grey with Light Blue uniform color schemes.  Oh and those socks.  Eghad!  It’s impossible to tell who is who in those ugly things.  I get MLB wants the nice tax write off from the sales and donations, but seriously, there is a reason that typically one team is in White and the other is in team colors.  There’s not enough contrast to tell what the hell is going on.  Knock it off MLB!

It’s vacation time, so let’s all sail away together with today’s musical guest the Beach Boys!

Giants 5, Rockies 7 – Scouts: Nolan Arenado not only completed the cycle, he did it in style, with the final piece coming on a three-run walk-off homer.  Simply amazing.