He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/25/17

Prof: ¬†Actual stuff happened in the Braves and Brewers game, which I will discuss in the game recap, but the most talked about thing didn’t happen on the field. Joe Simpson, who might be one of the most hated announcers in all of baseball (even by Braves fans, maybe especially by Braves fans), had a bit of a tantrum on the air after the Braves Organist (who is one of the best organists in sports, not my opinion but an actual fact) played an upbeat song in later innings. Apparently, Joe feels that when the Braves are being beaten, there should be no music, ever, and certainly nothing that could possibly put a smile on someone’s face. Twitter blew up, and even the professional organization for sports organists (yes, there is one) weighed in. I don’t expect there to be an apology from Joe, but there should be. He’s an embarrassment to the organization, in my opinion. And in this day and age, when everything that the Braves does is slightly embarrassing, that’s really saying something. Now, on with the show.

Pirates 4, Cardinals 8 РScouts: Randal Grichuk tied it with a 478 foot two-run moonshot.  The next inning the Cards piled on 4 more as the bullpen watched this one fall apart.