Headlines Apparel (HDLNS)

Founded in 2012, Headlines Apparel (stylized HDLNS) has fared well in its evolution. Ben Cosgrove, HDLNS co-founder and partner, was working full time when he, with the help of two business partners, decided to dive into screen-printing full time in the sportswear and streetwear realms. (Check out the logo for an homage to the original three partners.)

Since its founding, HDLNS has developed a sister company, Headlines Sportswear. The demand arose because, “What we were doing was sports-related anyway, so now we source and manufacture sportswear for softball, baseball, basketball, wrestling, lacrosse, American football, soccer, and more.” Ben continued, “We’ve even done bowling and darts.” HDLNS recently started building and hosting sports organizations’ online stores, most notably LakotaLAX.com.

Some ink color options
Eight-color press
Press detailHDLNS is located in a 6000 square foot building in West Chester, including 2000 square feet of office space and a 4000 square foot print production facility with an eight-color press and an industrial quartz dryer at its focal point.

Printing on vellum
Prepping the screen
Final product of the test runI was fortunate to get a personalized tour of HDLNS and a step-by-step overview of their screen-printing process, from pre-production with vector artwork, printing on vellum, and burning the screen; to printing a two- color piece on the eight-color press and setting the ink with the dryer.

While I have some experience in printmaking and print production, it’s always a pleasure to watch this process from start to finish. I don’t often get a hands-on experience with print production, and this was a great opportunity to do just that while bringing some of my Tour de Cincinnati work to life.

Before branching out into the print sector, Ben was the VP of Sales for Canon. So, while he was in the printing space, his focus was primarily in technology. He has been around design and printing for a number of years, but is self-taught in Illustrator and screen-printing, and half-joked, “YouTube is my best friend.”

There is so much to be said for a company that started entirely from scratch in a largely unfamiliar industry. HDLNS has seen print runs exceeding 5500 shirts with a turnaround of less than five business days, though its average is about 500–1500 piece jobs with about a week turnaround. Some of their clients include The Bailey Bastards, Tiger Fitness, MTS Nutrition, Game Day Promotions, Writely Sew, Pure Romance, and the Aubrey Rose Foundation.

Contact HDLNS for any custom screen-printing or embroidery needs. You can also visit their online store for apparel. For more, you can follow HDLNS on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Featured image: Tour de Cincinnati getting the HDLNS treatment