His First Word-

9 November 2011

is “Mama”.

Ryan started babbling alot more when he was 5 months. Very adorable! ????

 Just one day shy of seven months(on the significant date 09112011), my baby boy uttered “Mama” distinctly. In fact, Ryan was going on, “Mmmm Mmmm” for a while…. and the day he slipped out his first precious word, “Mama”, it was when he was crying for me. It was definitely one of those heart melting, heart strings tugging moments… At first, I thought I was just being delusional. but has been witnessed by my parents, my siblings and E. So, I am not crazy.

After since that day, it is observed that he only calls out Mama when he is crying out for me. Heehee, I suppose this is one of the plus points of being close to him, Mama becomes one of the most important word to him. Nice.

Right now, I need Ryan to be more consistent in using word.