How to Get 1000+ Followers (Meet and Greet)

Just starting a blog? Want more followers?

One of the best kept secrets in terms of finding new followers is to announce your blog in meet and greet posts like this one.

I’m a voracious blog reader. I monitor the titles of thousands of articles per day in various formats for new ideas for this site.

Post a comment and link to your blog and if it’s not an automated spam blog or something too unsavory I’ll follow and stop by. Chances are others of my 800+ followers will find you here too.

Other ways to increase awareness of your blog:

  • Write only interesting posts you want to share with 1,000+ people
  • Write to help others
  • Use short catchy concise titles
  • The first sentence or two must make people want to keep reading
  • Take a real interest in your followers
  • Follow other blogs
  • Read and enjoy others blogs
  • Interact, leave comments and likes (Use unambiguously supportive comments and questions. People want to complain, not change. It’s a karma thing.)
  • Use social media, Facebook has killed the Internet (Link)
  • Giveaways
  • Create a Meme (Book/Hash Tag)

Search other blogs in the WordPress reader for helpful tips with each of these.

Nice to meet you. Welcome to the WordPress blogging world. At 1,000 followers, you’ll see something like this: