I Forgot To Cook Lunch!

We’ve all been there. It’s 6:00AM, you’re getting ready for work, and it hits you. You forgot to cook lunch. This is a pivotal moment in your Stimulock journey. Do you eat out and chance getting sugars and fats in your body? Do you skip lunch and cross your fingers your stomach doesn’t eat your kidneys and you don’t stall in weight loss from not eating? Do you grab that container with 3 day old left overs and cross your fingers it doesn’t make you sick?

To all of this…I say “NO”.

You make something good to eat, that is protocol friendly, that will actually HELP you lose weight, and keep you satisfied until dinner.

This was my morning.

What did I do, you ask? While cooking my breakfast, I quickly thawed out some chicken breast, cut them up, cooked them in the skillet with coconut oil, and mixed up some of my favorite SUPER FAST orange chicken marinade, poured it on, portioned it out, and tada!! LUNCH WAS SAVED. It took me 10 minutes tops to do all of that.

Some days when this happens I opt for tuna, but I wasn’t feeling it this morning…I actually like to look forward to the food I’m eating at lunch, not avoid it, so orange chicken it was.

Click here to see my Orange Chicken Recipe! You will NOT be sorry. Literally, you’ll want to drink the marinade.