I-Venstar S209 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

These headphones are a great substitute if you don’t want to spend $400 on Beats or the Parrot Ziks. They are not bass heavy so if that is what you like, you may want to go with the Beats. The bass is there but it does not have a “bass adjust feature”. These headphones do provide a nice clean sound with mids and highs represented with clarity. They are very comfortable, I use them for roughly 5 hours a day while I work at the computer and actually seem to get much more accomplished.

They are well constructed with a great rubbery/plastic feel over metal which feels good to the touch. They are very easy to sync with any Bluetooth device and the features to answer and end phone calls if using a cell phone works great. I-Venstar sells these with a very nice hard zipper case much like the case Bose includes with their higher-end headphones that I like very much; its utilitarian with a professional appearance. Also included with these headphones are a 3.5mm male to male– AUX cord and a Mini USB to USB cable for charging. The only draw back that I have, is the lack of volume you get out of these, they are rather quiet and in that aspect a bit disappointing. As far as distance goes, I was able to walk an impressive 80 feet away from my phone before the music began to cut out! Having said that, I am very happy with these headphones and plan on enjoying there continued daily use in the office (not so much rocking out to AC/DC)! This product was provided at no cost for my honest and detailed product review.