IL-2, Rise of Flight summer sale and Spitfire release date

The summer video game sale season is upon us and the developers of IL-2 are getting in on the act with sale prices for IL-2 and Rise of Flight. If you were thinking about getting into the IL-2 series or Rise of Flight, now is a great time!

The sales!

Copied right from the post, here are the sales for the IL-2 series.

  • Ten Days of Autumn Campaign = 50% Off for the first time ever!
  • Ju-52/3m Collector Plane = 33% Off
  • Yak-1b Collector Plane = 33% Off
  • Battle of Moscow (Standard and Premium Editions) = 40% Off
  • Battle of Stalingrad (Standard and Premium Editions) = 50% Off
  • Fw-190 A-03 Collector Plane = 50% Off
  • La-5 Collector Plane = 50% Off
  • Mc.202 Series VIII Collector Plane = 33% Off
  • P-40E-1 Collector Plane = 33% Off

Rise of Flight is also offering 66% off everything.

There’s some really good content in there that is being discounted that we haven’t seen discounted before. The Yak-1B and Ju52 are both 33% off and the Battle of Moscow MC.202 and P-40E-1 haven’t been on sale like this very many times before.