It’s Time To Say Goodbye…

This is something that I’ve actually been thinking about for quite a while, and now the new year has come around, I’ve made the decision to stop posting on this blog. That’s not to say I’ll never post again, but I definitely won’t be regularly posting.

My posting schedule is once a month, and for the last year that’s exactly what I’ve done – literally just once a month. Whereas in 2015, following the same schedule, I posted between 1 and 6 times per month. What is often now the case is that I end up rushing a blog, and then it’s not as good as it can be, but it shouldn’t be like that. The reason I end up rushing them is due to busyness as I have other projects I’m working on, and if I’m honest I’m more passionate about these projects. That’s not to say that I’m not passionate about what I write about on here, but truth be told the passion has faded a bit.

My main topics have been soap operas, primarily Hollyoaks, and the X Factor. I briefly covered my lack of interest in X Factor in this blog – basically the focus on joke acts in the 2016 series has made me a lot less interested in X Factor, and because of that I didn’t have the desire to blog about each live show in 2016 like I did with the 2015 and 2014 series. Instead I posted brief rankings (excluding Honey G and Bratavio) for most of the live shows on my Tumblr. For this year’s series though, I’m not sure I’ll even be doing that, because they’ll probably just going to focus on joke acts. I think I’ll just end up watching the auditions and performances of the good acts on YouTube, rather than watching full episodes. There’s just really not the level of passion there that there once was.

With Hollyoaks, it’s a very up and down show I guess. I did a review of the show last March, and although I felt it had some things to work on, there were plenty of positives and I said I loved the show, and I still do. In actual fact, reflecting on the last year I think it has got better as there is less of a focus on serial killers and villains/gangsters, less affairs, and less ruining of issue-based storylines with sensationalist twists – this one in particular is key. Jade and Alfie’s teenage cancer storyline didn’t have any sensationalist twist and was great from start to finish, and the Ellie/Nick sexual consent storyline has been really good so far.

There does still feel like there’s an issue with too many characters and too many storylines, like the Ellie/Nick sexual consent storyline started and then they were barely featured for two months – it did make me wonder if the storyline had been dropped. John Paul’s blind storyline was kind of dropped – it started off really well and then he started getting his sight back, and since then there’s been no explanation that his sight has fully come back, or reference that he was even once blind. Also, the Ste/Amy/Ryan/Harry custody storyline didn’t really have that much screentime (though maybe the actress playing Amy has less hours), and Ste’s issue with his brain/blackouts was completely forgotten about until this week, which was annoying because it was the reason Amy decided to go for full custody. I actually thought it’d been completely dropped, as you’d expect them to deal further with the issue, like is it permanent, can he control it somehow etc.

But like I said I still love the show, but I guess what I am finding with Hollyoaks and the other soaps too for that matter, is that I am not looking for spoilers as much. I still watch every episode of Hollyoaks, and I still tune into Emmerdale and Coronation Street too (I can’t tune into EastEnders, there’s some signs of things improving compared to a year ago, but it really isn’t worth paying the licence fee for!) – I guess I am just not as passionate about soaps as I used to be, so I don’t have the desire to write regular blogs about them.

I don’t feel this will be my last blog, there are blogs I write each year that I think I may continue this year. Like my soap awards predictions and then the review of them I quite like doing, and the same with the X Factor predictions (although it will depend how good the acts are). I didn’t do a proper Hollyoaks Autumn predictions review last year as it wasn’t easy to predict anyway, so I’m not certain on that. I did a Hollyoaks departures predictions blog last April and recently reviewed it – I got some right and it was fun to do, so I may do a proper in-depth 2017 departures predictions post in the Spring.

So yeah basically a mixture of busyness and not as much passion mean that I won’t be posting regularly, but I’d just like to say thank you for anyone who has ever read or engaged with this blog. It’s been a lot of fun, it’s had over 10K views with the ‘Who Killed Lucy’ and ‘Lindsey is the Gloved Hand Killer’ blogs being the most popular, which is good as they were some of my favourites to write. I also recently wrote about whether British soaps should be portraying eating disorders more – it hasn’t had as many views as some of my other blogs, but it has definitely been my most favourite to write and something I do feel quite passionate about. Please feel free to give it a read!

So, the final closing message – although I won’t be posting regular blogs on here I imagine I’ll end up posting my opinions on stuff on my Twitter and Tumblr, which I have done a bit in the past. It’ll be stuff like ‘They shouldn’t have killed off Amy Barnes, gah’ (Twitter) or ‘Why I think they shouldn’t have killed off Amy Barnes…’ (Tumblr). So feel free to give me a follow on Twitter here, or Tumblr here, and wishing you all the best for 2017.