I’ve Had Just About Enough of This

This story surfaced a couple of days ago from the Rose camp, “Derrick is worried that the Bulls are going to lose what they have,” said a league source. “He doesn’t want to go through rebuilding.”

Let me make this clear, nobody cares about your feelings about rebuilding Derrick.  I am a monster D Rose fan but I don’t care what his camp has to say about this season at all.  The only thing he should be focused on is getting healthy and finding a way to get back to his MVP status.  You want to talk about things, talk about how you made over 40$ million the last 2 years to not play.  You should be focusing on supporting the guys on the team and the rehab.  I get what Rose’s camp (Reggie Rose and BJ Armstrong) is saying, but the Bulls have never said they are in rebuilding mode.  The reality for this Bulls team is that they in makeover status, not rebuilding status.  The Bulls have pieces on this team, plus the potential addition of Nikola Mirotic next year, and they should have 2 first round draft picks in one of the most stacked drafts in the last 15 years.  This is not the Chicago Cubs, you are not starting from square one, this is an opportunity to get your house in order to compete for a title next year.  But what is the biggest factor for the Bulls making a title run Derrick??  That is you being healthy and on the court!!!!   That is the only thing he needs to be talking about.  Look, a lot of people gave Rose a pass last year for not coming back (which I begrudgingly agreed with) and the numerous conflicting reports that teased Bulls fans all season long because we were promised that this would be the year for the Bulls.  Now Rose is done again and the Bulls fans are left wondering what could have been.  I love Rose and I think he can be a key part to our success, but I can’t take these comments anymore from the Rose camp.

Here lies the problem with all of these bogus statements from the Rose camp, they are not coming from Derrick himself.  I don’t believe Derrick is a selfish guy, I think he just wants to play and bring a championship to his hometown.  However, it is time for Rose to grow up and take control of his statements.  If he doesn’t truly believe what his camp is saying, then he needs to grow up and speak for himself.  I know he has been sheltered and taken care of by his family growing up, but he needs to speak for himself because these guys are making him look bad.  Another big problem here is that all of these reports contradict each other, Rose and his camp don’t want the Bulls to lose guys, then they say the right pieces aren’t there to help Rose win, then they say that they don’t want to recruit guys to come play for the Bulls.  My question then is how do they expect to win, we’ve seen that Rose can’t do it by himself.

Bottom line is Rose needs to speak for himself and realize that he cannot win by himself.  The Bulls need help and if Rose wants it then he needs to step up, stay healthy, and bring in some talent to this Bulls team.  No more ridiculous statements from his camp, time to start producing results instead of talk.