“Just Blame Me Like it’s My Choice.”

Image from voicesofyouth.org

Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changes in thinking, emotion or behavior (or a combination of these). Mental illnesses are associated with distress and/or problems functioning in social, work or family activities. – American Psychiatric Association (APA)

I think it is about time for me to talk about this serious issue. Growing up, I have seen many people coping with mental illness in many different ways; I’ve seen people who took the right action by seeing psychiatrists or counsellors, and I’ve also seen someone, a Muslim girl who took the short-cut action by suicide.

Being marked as someone with mental illness is something most people nowadays are afraid of because to them, this kind of people are mentally deranged, or in my language, ‘gila‘. This stigma should certainly be eradicated. Mental illness is actually common in our society; it includes eating disorder, depression and even absent-mindedness. And it is terribly devastating to see how people nowadays take this issue very lightly.

Many people thought that these people are just being too overreacting, too fragile, and too sensitive towards everything; that they are always being too emotional and in extreme level of sadness, 24/7. Worse, when people start being hell insensitive; by judging  and condemning their disability to act, feel and think in the normal way, the way every normal person does, also by blaming them for their illness, like “no, you can’t be like this and like that”, “you need to chill”, or “why can’t you act normally? You are troubling us.”.

It is indeed easier to speak rather than to act. These people already hate themselves and you don’t need to make them hate themselves more. People should be a lot more sensitive when it comes to this issue. These people’s souls are already worn out and they are mentally unstable. So, treat them like how they need to be treated. But most importantly, try to understand the situation that they are going through. Or at least, lend them your ears or shoulders to cry on.

Speaking as one with similar issue, people with this illness should try to be more open up to people around them. I know that it is hard to share problems with mortals, be it parents or closed friends, but you really need to let it all out. And if you still find it hard to share your problems with humans, you can try writing a diary pretending that it listens. But above all, talk to God. Talk to Allah because He really and always listens.