Light at the End of the Tunnel

Over this last week we managed to knock out 2 more rooms for painting.  We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!  We even took a few truck loads of stuff over the week.  Yesterday my Grandpa came up with his trailer and we managed to take on our disastrous garage.  It was nice getting furniture out that we haven’t been able to use for the past 2 years!  Next weekend is when the movers show up and we will get the rest of our stuff in.  I just hope we finish painting by then.  If we keep up the pace we have had for the past 2 weeks I think we should be good.

Remember this room?  Again, since Sean and I do not have kids (our fur babies are boys anyways) this room needed to be redone.  Not to mention is was pretty dirty in here, but being a kids room that was understandable.  I told you before that I wanted to do a chevron wall.  It really took a lot of planning to get it just right, and that was before I even put it on the wall!

First I had to get the room primed!  It already looks brighter in here.  Next I used some graph paper to map out my pattern, trying my best to keep it to scale, although you can see where I messed it up on the bottom…oops.  I ended up putting this into Illustrator to make sure it all worked and to get the most exact measurements.

Once I started trying to apply the pattern to the wall I quickly determined this was not a one person project.  Luckily my besty Steph came to visit and helped out.  At first I was going to try drawing a grid on the wall but I knew I was going to mess that up.  I ended up taping off a ruler to the exact length of each diagonal, had Stephanie hold a laser level and just went down her laser line creating tick-marks.  Then when it was time for taping it was just a game of connect the dots!  I don’t think I started painting until around 6:30.  I was afraid I wouldn’t finish as there is only one hallway light upstairs, which didn’t exactly reach to the bedroom, but I didn manage to get two coats on before it was too dark.

The next morning I had to come in and paint all the trim work.  I don’t think the room was tapped off before so there were still pink and purple peaking out on door frames and the window sill.

Oh ya, and I painted the closet yellow.  Originally there was a rack system installed in the closet…with no shelves and a very creaky accordion door.  Not to mention the wall had black scuffs all over it.  Since this is a design studio I needed some punches of color.  Since yellow is Sean’s favorite color I went with that.  Plus it is gender neutral for when this will eventually be a kids room.  I have some teal accessories I will add to the room as well.

Now while I was painting upstairs I wondered where in the world everyone went…

Oh there they are!  Somehow Sean managed to get my Mother, Sister and best friend to paint his office!  Remember what this room looked like before?

It definitely needed work.  Now I wasn’t too happy that Sean managed to recruit everyone to do his bidding, but being this wasn’t even on our schedule of things to get done that day…and they finished the room, I can’t be too upset.  My Mom was a little nervous about cutting in around the ceilings but I think she did a great job!  I think it has inspired her to start doing some paint work in her own house.  I think my sister was a little nervous too, she had never painted before.  She did a great job though and was a big help!  Paint really can completely change a space and it’s something anybody could do really.

I think the room turned out really good.  And I love the black wall in the back.  This will be Sean’s music studio (the only reason his office is bigger than mine is because he has to fit a drum set in his) so I think the black wall will fit in just fine.

The next (and last!) room we need to tackle is the ‘Sports Bar’…which yes, Sean is painting in a Redskins colors….We anticipate that this room will take a lot of time so it may be the end of the week before I can post that project -.-  Wish us luck!