Limoncello and Poppy Seed Cookies

I am excited to once again be back in baking mode this holiday season and share all the cookies, biscuits, tarts, and other winter deliciousness from my kitchen. This has been the longest hiatus I have had from blogging – turns out planning a wedding, finishing a PhD, and trying to get a job takes a lot of time (or at least mental effort), which kept me away from blogging! But I’m hoping to remedy that this winter, and I would like to begin with some of the cookies I made this weekend for my friends and colleagues at work.

Limoncello is one of my favorite liqueurs, especially from the time when my partner made a bottle for me from scratch a few years ago. And with so many cookies being heavy on the chocolate or nuts this season, a cookie with lemon seemed like a great, light antidote. These cookies are also not too sweet, and are just sweet enough to curb cravings for a light post-meal snack. If you do not have limoncello on hand, you can probably add the zest from another half a lemon or so – you can always taste your dough to figure out if you want a stronger flavor. The dough for these cookies can also be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator or freezer. I love to freeze my cookie dough – it lasts fresher much longer, and it is so easy to slice off a few and get fresh baked cookies in 10 minutes!