Lovely Tibetan Buddhist prayer bracelet – for prayer, meditation, or just looking awesome

Before I received this Tibetan prayer bracelet from JDZ Amulets, I’ll admit I was skeptical it would be as lovely as the product photo (nothing ever is).  But when I took it out of the little cloth/burlap drawstring bag it comes in, I audibly oohed and ahhed.  The product photo really is true to life.  This is a beautiful, unusual and unique bracelet that I’m sure will get many compliments.

As far as overall quality goes, the elastic string is thick and seems fairly strong.  The beads are all intact with no chipping or visible imperfections.  So far I haven’t had trouble with any of them breaking, but will update this review if they do.

The knot at the end is eye-catching and fun, but when I actually wear it, it tends to stick out a little and looks funny until I fiddle with it a bit to make it lie down flat.  A minor issue, but one to be aware of.

The drawstring bag it comes in is cute, but cheaply made – not a big deal since I won’t be wearing that around my wrist though!

I’m not Tibetan, Buddhist, nor do I use beads when I pray, but is a great colorful accessory that goes with almost anything I wear.  It would also make a great gift.

You can check out this bracelet on Amazon here!

I received a free sample of this product in exchange for testing, inspecting and reviewing it.  I am not compensated for my reviews and always give my honest and unbiased opinion of each product.  I welcome your questions & comments on my experience, and if this review was helpful to you, please take a moment to let me know!