Luxury Campsite (well, you know, relatively speaking) – We Will Leave Mid April – Return Next Winter – Few Sites Offer as Much Area for Patio – We Will Miss This – But We

Lots of room under our awning with shade screen. The canopy behind is also ours. We have eight lawn chairs, a long table. The Weber grill in the background is also ours. Steve grills our foods out there whenever we eat at home. (Yes, home. Home is where we park it.)

I like to sit outside on a chair to read a book on my Kindle. We have been here since November and are ready to book our 2017 tour. This time it’s complicated because we have to be on Long Island on a certain day in June. This takes more planning than it took to aim ourselves in a direction chugging along with a loose sort of plan. Many say our plan last year was anything but loose. I booked it all in advance. Still, this time we must be precise. I must map it out before starting to reserve our spots. I’ll let you know how that turns out. Steve is patiently waiting to see it happen.

The trunk of this grapefruit tree was painted. It’s not a Birch. The grapefruit was wonderful, but I have eaten so many from the tree that I can’t even look at a grapefruit right now.

Carol Ann Hoel, Author
Buddy for David, Novel
Suspense, Mystery, Faith