Mangal Dosh: A Hoax or a Reality

One of the most important things considered while matching horoscopes of two individuals is Mangal Dosh. One of the major reason behind kundali matching is to determine whether the boy or the girl have a strong positioning of the planet Mars in their horoscopes. Mars is believed to be one of the strongest, fierce and most domineering planets amongst all the Navgrahas. As per mythology, it is a planet of a quarrelling nature, which often tends to fight with those who are closest to it.

As per Vedic astrology, if Mars or Mangal is positioned in the 1st, 2nd,4th,7th,8th or 12th house of the boy or girl, then he or she is declared a Manglik. While the planet has the strongest effect when it is placed of the 7th or 8th house of a boy, it is considered strongest when it is in the 8th house of a girl. Such people are believed to lead a miserable married life filled with unhappiness and fights, which can lead to separation or divorce later. If the degree of Mangal is very strong, it can even lead to the death of the non-manglik spouse.

While most of the Hindu families strongly support the Mangal dosh view, there are some who refute it completely as mere superstition. As per them, this whole hullabaloo around mangal dosh is a complete hoax, created by astrologers to make a fool out of people and mint money in return. They consider it a mere superstition and support their view with the following points:

  • Why is mangal dosh limited to Hindu marriages?: The first question that rises is that why is mangal dosh only limited to Hindu marriages? All around the world, people of different religions get married and lead a happy life. They do not even match horoscopes, leave alone get bothered about Mangal dosh. Hence, it is a baseless hoax which should not be considered.
  • Despite rectifying the dosh, why do divorces take place? : One can often come across couples who, despite rectifying the dosh, end up getting separated or divorced. If the remedies are so fool proof, then why do such things occur?
  • Why does a person die even if his/her spouse is non-manglik?: Many a times we often come across unfortunate instances, where people die despite their spouses being non-manglik. So how can we trust the authenticity of horoscope matching?
  • Lack of knowledge: Most of us, the common people, do not understand the method and way in which the horoscopes are prepared and read. Then how can we be sure that the predictions made by the astrologers in regard to mangal dosh are correct or not?

With all said and done, one must keep in mind the fact that believing or not believing in Mangal dosh is a very subjective choice, which should not be forced upon anyone. A person has a right to make his or her choices as per his or her liking, as that is all that actually matters.

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