marino with Teapot Orchestra – Bathtub de Choushoku wo

Track Listing


  • Teapot Orchestra no March
  • Bathtub de Choushoku wo
  • Ittekimasu
  • Twinkle Star
  • Oujisama to Watashi
  • Christmas Wonder
  • Curtain Call
  • [/ol]

    1. Teapot Orchestra no March

    I wasn’t expecting the mini-album to begin with a fanfare as such as the opening track.  I do feel like already from the start that Teapot Orchestra no March is rather just there for letting us get into the mini.  It has been a while since I’ve heard marino’s voice so getting back into it, I was shocked to hear how high-pitched it was.  After the march, it slows down into a ballad and marino’s voice starts to sound a smidge better, but it does a fake ending back into the upbeat march.  Interesting opening, curious to see what’s next.

    2. Bathtub de Choushoku wo

    Moving to the first full track (and title track), Bathtub de Choushoku wo takes things in a different direction by going more of a showgirl/burlesque kind of arrangement.  It’s quite cute and spazzy which is always something I like from marino’s music.  Her squeaky kiddy-like voice suits the jazzy arrangement and seemed to impress me more than the opening track…great track!

    3. Ittekimasu

    Oh, I’m a sucker for string bass intros and this one had that on top of some simple fingersnaps and marino’s adorable vocals to keep it simple and straightforward.  Actualy, that’s pretty much the first minute of the song before it turns into a sweet and light bossa nova track.  It’s wonderful and breezy and just overall nice!

    4. Twinkle Star

    I guess we needed a song to wake up a bit more and Twinkle Star kind of mixes that into its arrangement.  Keeping with the jazzy vibes, the track is a bit more latin-like and gives me a cool tropical setting with the saxes and rhythm and I just loved it a whole lot!  While I think a lower voice would’ve felt better to listen to, marino didn’t do too bad here…if there was an instrumental, I would easily love it!

    5. Oujisama to Watashi

    Next track in, Oujisama to Watashi from the start sounds a little like a Children’s track with it’s more loopy arrangement and jolly sound.  I was kind of surprised to hear a male voice in the song singing a different melody to marino’s.  Since the title does me Uncle and I, it’s no surprise and even features spoken dialogue between the two of them in the bridge.  It’s probably my least favorite on the mini-album, but there’s things to like about it.

    6. Christmas Wonder

    Seems random to be adding a Christmas song on a release in September…Either way, Christmas Wonder takes out some of the jazzy atmosphere and replaced it with jingle bells to make it more festive, at least for the intro.  After the introduction, the jazz ensemble join the fray to mix with marino’s cute vocals once again.  I liked it, maybe not as much as others, but still decent.

    7. Curtain Call

    Well, the mini is coming to an end as it shows with its outro.  I like the upbeat acoustic/jazzy feel of this even if the track itself is pretty short.  marino while doesn’t have a strong voice to really bring things to a close, she sure does try.  After her big end, the ensemble kind of just goes on its on til it fades out, closing this release.

    Yeah, this may have released back in 2012, but I have to say that compared to her previous mini, “lollipop+”, this was WAY better and better handled.  I think it’s mostly due to her moving away from electropop to jazz and it’s a great move for marino.  I still think her voice is pretty tight in spots, but it’s a much better turnout than I expected, though way late on the review x.x